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Your one-stop shop for management and communication consulting.

Organizational Consulting

Increasing complexity, flood of information, changing values, higher expectations for management, pricing pressure: your organization's environment is becoming ever more dynamic and demanding.

We help you gain an overview and set priorities. From workshops to define the direction through to communication up to execution: we're here for you to jointly develop an effective strategy.


Whether it's a press release, an annual report or internal news: how you present yourself plays a key role in determining your success. Finding enough time for it all can sometimes be a challenge.

We support you when resources are scarce in the short or long term and work with you to find the right tone so that you are always well received.


You are looking for a way for your company to become and stay innovative. Or you want to find the optimal product-market fit with your startup so that you are successful in the market.

We guide you through the innovation process and help you mobilize the right resources, e.g. with public funding bodies such as Innosuisse.

Us in Management.

"Many supervisors want resources that work for them in exchange for money, and they're overwhelmed because people come in with individual needs."

The cooperative relationship in an organization is continuously and jointly negotiated. Employees are not only looking for an income; the main motivators are the purpose in the work and developing their own potential. A pleasant-sounding mission statement alone is not enough. Employees judge their superiors by their actions, not by their words. Together with you, we ensure that the leadership work in your organization leads to commitment among your employees.

Us in Communication.

"Communication should be courageous and honest. I want to feel the sender - I can only do that if people talk to me openly and transparently!"

Transparency is the be-all and end-all of communication. Open communication creates trust among employees and external stakeholders – and trust improves your performance in almost all areas. No matter if your company is just learning or if you are already an old hand: We sharpen your content, make your change story as effective as authentic for employees and find the right solution for every challenge together with you.

Us as a Team.

We are multidisciplinary quick thinkers – blinders do not exist with us. We think in a networked way, react pragmatically to rapid changes and bring experience from large companies and startups alike: Get to know the team behind Dobmann Consulting.

Our Clients.