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Organizational Consulting

Changes in the company are the only constant, and the employees are the single most important resource that you cannot afford to lose. We support you in change and in leadership issues as coaches. Taking communication into consideration is second nature to us.


Employees are looking for a sense of purpose in their work and the opportunity to develop their own potential. Traditional leadership – often with a dominant leader at the top – tends to get in the way. Modern leadership promotes shared values, common goals and self-organized teams with a strong "we" feeling. In this way, we reduce management costs in the long term, strengthen the commitment of employees and increase team performance.

Change and Employee Engagement

Reorganization has negative connotations for many people. Before we accept change, we don't want to acknowledge it. The reason for this is often the strategy of dropping bombs in communication – this triggers emotional shocks in those affected.

But there is another way: We involve your employees in the change process, give them creative freedom and communicate openly and transparently. In this way, you reduce resistance and win your employees over for the journey.

Coaching & Sparring

We accompany you as coaches in a critical and appreciative way: reflect on your leadership effect thanks to constructive feedback, develop new options for action and gain focus in phases of change. In this way, you gain confidence without letting go of the reins.


Whether in a large company or a fast startup – innovation secures your future, makes you unmistakable in competition and protects you at least temporarily from ruinous price competition. We bring you experience from both worlds for both worlds.

For Corporates: Build Innovation Skills

The pressure to innovate is there: you may already be fostering good ideas for incremental improvements or disruptive big throws. The only problem: the flow of ideas is stagnating.

We help you overcome internal inertia. Motivate employees and yourself to find new and unconventional ways – and the courage to take them.

For Startups: Build Risk Capacity

There is no shortage of ideas. But the development of innovations ties up personnel capacities, financial resources or requires new skills. You don't have enough of everything.

We support you with our competence and that of our network and help you to bring financial resources from outside (e.g. Innosuisse) into your projects, so that the risks of the innovation activity remain bearable.


Whatever you do in your organization, you can only achieve the desired effect internally and externally with skilful communication. Together, we will present you in the proper light.

Internal Communication

Turn monologue into dialogue and speak the language of your employees. Together with you, we develop the storyline for changes, jointly create new vessels for internal exchange or support you in developing and finding your corporate values.

Corporate Publishing & Copywriting

We make sure that your messages get across. We provide editorial support from media releases to annual reports. To ensure that your publications are appealing, we work together with competent partners.

Communication Strategy

Don't leave your appearance to chance. We work with you to develop a plan, establish internal and external communication channels, and sharpen your messaging.

Moderation & Events.

As a moderator or as a speaker, we let your content shine and offer informative inputs for visitors.


Connect your audience effectively with your content: in factual contexts as well as at casual events, we lead through your program with humor and quick-wittedness. Whether it's a public panel discussion or an internal event.

Speaker Bookings

Give your employees, event participants or association members new impulses with keynotes on topics related to digitalization, innovation or team culture. Do you have a special request? Get in touch with us.